well once again life is never dull in the tindale house, this is what our week has been like:


monday : caleb has ear infection and conjunctivitis 

tuesday: brewsters wakes up feeling sick, within 30 minutes he is in the ambulance and off to hospital with an irregular heart rhythm, 50 million drugs later to try to get his heart back in the right rhythm and no success. They thought it might be another clot on his lung…  Drag both boys off to see him in pouring rain only to get there and be turned away as he was having tests done.. Eventually get to see him but he was still very sick.

wednesday:  go to visit brewster expecting him to be in there for days and he was given the all clear at 9am.. he could come home!!!!!  yahhh..  i think the fact that 7 of our friends went and prayed for him the night before has a lot to do with it….He still  needs to go in for some more tests to work out what the cause has been but at this stage he is all good.  Caleb then goes and has a sleep over with his nanny.

Thursday:  off to hospital for noah at 6.30, he needed squint surgery to fix his turn in both of his eyes, such a brave boy did really well until it was time for the gas and then i nearly cried watching that part, just not nice to see them so scared.. I tried to help with saying that the massive big light thing in the operating theatre was like the round rocket in star wars but he wasn’t buying that.  But after 4 hours later and still not opening his eyes we are home, poor darling he has very sore eyes and is just cranky as you would be.  Caleb is due home soon which will be sweet as they haven’t been separated over night before.  

Anyway i have no photos as yet of noahs eyes , maybe tomorrow so i had to dig out a few oldies for todays post.. Again thanks for your thoughts and prayers and all the texts it really has meant a lot to me over the past few days.. We have felt very loved by everyone..

brave noah 1 of 1 1024x682 one very brave little boy..  love you noah..