This lovely lady was the beginning of Tindale Images, back nearly 2 years ago she had asked me to take her  6 month old’s photos and from there the word spread like wildfire.  Her mums group then booked me one by one and before i knew it i was running around like a headless chook..  Well i have grown a lot since that first photoshoot and i have loved watching and taking their photos of their lovely daughter , who has the most incredible blue eyes, and it was an absolute delight to be asked to take their 2nd childs photos..

He is just as stunning as his big sister, and talk about placid.. He was the last of my 6 babies that i did shoots for last week and the only one that had a sibling, yet he was the quietest..  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they are often pulled at, played with, poked in the eyes, sat on, and generally smothered with love by their older brother and sister..  It was a delight guys, i adored your session, as chaotic as it was with a 2 year old..  Felt quite at home, just like being at my house!!

danika blogsb1 handsome little brother..

danika blog 2 handsome little brother..

danika blog 3 handsome little brother..

danika blog 6 handsome little brother..