Well two weeks today and Noah and Caleb had their first day of school..  I had mixed emotions of the day, not only was it my birthday it was also the start of a new era, the next chapter of our chaotic yet fun lives..  I was totally uncertain as to how they would cope and i for that matter!!!  The day went off without a hitch,  it started with a little heart to heart from their daddy, and then off to school.. They quickly found their year 6 buddies and bravely gave myself an brewster a kiss and a hug and then they were off… I was doing ok until i saw Caleb reach out and hold Noah’s hand then i got a tad teary!!!  I’m so glad they have each other, plus they already have some of their besties at the same school in the other kindy class..  It’s been a first for many things and one of them has been i think their first real crush on their new kindy teacher…  They were delighted when they were put in Miss N’s class…  ooohhhhhhhh she’s so so pretty they told me … and she wears beautiful dresses and she never says no to us…..and so it begins..hehe….  2 weeks have gone by and still no tears, they have been dreadfully tired at the end of the week but still manage to get up to mischief when they are at home….  As for me i’m very quickly getting into the swing of school life, i have been juggling being a mum and full time photography for over 2 years and already i’m feeling so much better, in a routine and even the house is clean.. shock horror…….  I do miss my monkeys but now when they are home i am really enjoying spending the time playing with them and chatting about their day.. Love you boys…….  already you are so grown up, just don’t grow up too fast……..love Mum……..

getting ready for school first day of school for the tindale boys   childhood memories projectfirst day of school 1 first day of school for the tindale boys   childhood memories project