Well it’s been 3 years in the making but what started out as originally just a play room for the boys has now officially become my studio/ slash playroom/ mancave.  Yes mancave for my husband, that’s one half of the room which keeps his bits and pieces along with a super dooper new tv and the other end is my studio /workspace.  It has internal access to the house so it was always the plan to convert this room , it just took a lot longer than planned..

It’s such a great space with polished concrete, rustic walls, and a new place to home all of my sweet vintage chairs.  Plus the light down there is amazing, i’ve always loved garage light and at any time of the day this room is beautiful……..have a look below and see some shots of the room and some of the sessions i’ve had in the past week…  One day i’d love to have a studio away from home but for now this is perfect, this is my little space and one that i can now work in as well.. yah!!!!

storyboard comp 12 the studio   sutherland shire family photographer