Highlights for 2012

December 30, 2012

wow what an incredible year it has been..  So many highlights to share with you all.  This year saw us travelling to Fiji to photograph not one but two weddings, and then to also be involved in my own concept shoots as well as several concept shoot for lots of other talented events stylists……    A year of great learning and stretching, understanding off camera flash and the looks that can be achieved using different lighting styles..   So many beautiful new babies were born and countless families photographed all over the sutherland shire..  From shooting in stunning sunrises to spectacular and dramatic sunsets..   City shoots, burnt out forests, beaches, ruins, farms, the locations have all been amazing…..  These are a few of my fav’s from 2012, this was the hard part choosing only a few as i’ve had so many favourite moments during the year.. Enjoy..



sd web images 249 Highlights for 2012

 What  a beautiful wedding in fiji this was…storms all around which made for an amazing backdrop…..  Such lovely  and  gentle bride and groom ..  It truly was a stunning and elegant wedding..

gemma wedding 1 2 Highlights for 2012

The next wedding  also in Fiji had a very different feel again, a very small and intimate family wedding and the flower girls and page boy really stole the show..

 We felt part of the family after their wedding as we stayed at the same resort for the next 3 days and just were welcomed with open arms………


jackie custom shoot 6 Highlights for 2012

Such a thrill to be involved in this concept shoot by Blissfully Sweet, this was for the Oh Sweet Mum mothers day online magazine..   These images have also been published in Modern Wedding so very very

excited to be published..  So many talented people involved in this shoot, the pressure was on to capture it in just the way Jacki imagined……it all turned out so beautiful …

birdcage 2 Highlights for 2012

One thing that i really wanted to do this year was too improve on my Off camera flash work, this was a concept shoot that i put together and my goodness was i delighted with the end result…

..  Just a bit of fun in a back ally in Sydney with two beautiful women and some crazy fabric blowing in the wind..


andie and elyse 1 Highlights for 2012

This year i have been doing Maternity sessions on the beach, at either sunrise or sunset and man they have been breathtaking.  I loved how sensual this image turned out…  I also entered this into the State APPA awards and received a merit..


blog 1024x682 Highlights for 2012

This concept shoot will be hard to top,  two beautiful red headed ballerina sisters involved in the hugest pillow fight ever..   Oh so many feathers and squeals from the girls..

 it was simply beautiful to photograph and a stack of fun as well.. This also was awarded a bronze award in the inter national Loupe awards so super thrilled about this…


elizabeth 2 Highlights for 2012

So many beautiful families were photographed in the studio this year, these little sisters were breathtakingly beautiful .  Such a serene moment captured…  I adore the light in my studio , i never tire of photographing in there..


high tea 1 2 Highlights for 2012

Another concept shoot , this time set in a forest at Otford .  I have the sweetest clients who have 3 beautiful daughters.  I had cakes designed, invitations and flowers all ready to go for the most beautiful Fathers Day High tea you could imagine..

 I was thrilled to have this shoot featured in My LIttle Jedi’s online magazine.. and there is a very good chance that they can also be featured in the next addition of Modern Weddings…. stay tuned for that……

jo and isla 1 Highlights for 2012

With so many babies coming into the studio this year i also introduced a complimentary sitting up session when they were 9 months old..  This little sweetheart visited me when she was 10 days old and now here she is all grown up and what a doll she was..


karen twin 1 Highlights for 2012

 Two of my smallest clients that i photographed this year..  Born at 27 weeks and only about 500 gms each it was a miracle to be photographing them when they came home 4 months later..  They were only 1.50 kilos’ in this shot..  They are such blessings.

gemma e session 3 Highlights for 2012

I have photographed some very unique engagement shoots..  This one was one of my fav’s featuring their much loved pets..  They just happen to be a sheep and a horse , the sheep was called Lambie and has been with them since a baby lamb.

  Sadly their horse died not long after this shoot so i’m so glad we had the chance to photograph this lovely animal….


e shoot web images 17 Highlights for 2012

I love it when couples are totally up for something a bit different..  These guys are very organic and when i approached them about being photographed in a burnt out forest they jumped at it..

Another amazing shoot with some off camera flash work with a full moon as the backdrop..


web images 18 Highlights for 2012

I adore this laughing photo, i’ve photographed these guys a few times now and this totally sums up their crazy family.  Such beautiful people that i now call friends………This is family at it’s best.. I’ve photographed so many lovely families

this year, each so unique and beautiful ..


olivia girls 101 Highlights for 2012

These two cheeky sisters were photographed just before christmas and it was a stand out for me, i adored their personalities and just love working with this age group of children..  So spontaneous and so full of laugher with no inhibitions….

sarah belly 1 Highlights for 2012

I think i squealed a millions squeals inside my head as i approached the beach for this maternity shoot, the storm clouds were rolling in and i knew that it was going to look spectacular..

 It was better..  more amazing than what i thought..  Sydney summer storms are incredible when they also feature a beautiful expectant mamma..


rochelle belly 1 Highlights for 2012

 This session was a very different session for me, i’m not really an early morning person but when these guys suggested doing a sunrise belly session how could i say no..

It was incredible..  the light was changing by the second, quite the challenge to capture into the sun but my goodness was it worth it..  Sunrise you rock!!! as did this

mamma who was up 4am to get ready for this shoot.

allysha and mark wedding 6 Highlights for 2012

Ok can this bride be any more regal…This wedding was at Curzon Hall and seriously it took my breath away..  All of the years practise with  off camera flash helped to achieve this shot..

I have another wedding here at the end of 2013 and can’t wait to play again in that setting..


1 682x1024 Highlights for 2012

Everything came together for this shoot, the light, the tones of the clothes with the background and their

beautiful family connection….  This photo i adore…….i cannot wait to enter it into some competitions next year.. fingers crossed.


2 682x1024 Highlights for 2012

2012 really has been the year of concept shoots, this was organised by the lovely Lina From Chanele Rose and events, it was a flower girl shoot featuring some of my

lovely clients..  Oh my goodness it was a dream to photograph and may also be featured in the next addition of Modern wedding ,and also was featured on

Polka dot bride blog….you can see more of it here..  Talk about beautiful..

3 945x1024 Highlights for 2012

 The second i walked into the brides parents house i knew that i had to have a photo of her in this chair, the light was divine and no matter what i had to make it happen..

it truly was stunning…as was this bride and her family……….I want to be adopted by them, they are some of the

loveliest families i’ve ever met..

This bottom photo was another concept shoot, i had this idea of a modern day cinderalla dancing with her prince at Sydney Central Station,  i made the tulle skirt and just had

total fun with this shoot.  It was just purely to muck around and have some fun and it totally inspired me to do more of these amazing creative shoots..  I have another shoot ready for these guys in Januray

i cannot wait to share those ones with you..    I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store..  I hope your new year is amazing everyone !!!


4 634x1024 Highlights for 2012