QT 2

January 30, 2013

Well this is the next instalment of the amazing concept shoot at the QT hotel, from the first moment you step into the lift you know that there is something very special about this hotel..    There is a sensor in the lift so depending on how many people are in the lift will determine the play list for that ride..  So if you are in there by yourself it will play tunes like,  ” all by myself “…   if there are two of you it will play songs like : “just the two us…”  and then if there’s more people it’s like a dance party, and as you leave the lift it cheers!!!!!  Seriously you have to go just to experience the lift..


As the main part of the shoot had been finished in the room it was now play time, we did a quick change into the 2nd dress and headed off downstairs to explore the other amazing parts of the hotel..  My head was giddy with excitement, the entire place is just filled with amazing bits and pieces…  Even the room number is quirky, a creepy hand holding the room number on a card..  I still have so many other spots to explore in this hotel but after 4 hours of i shooting i was spent, and it was then time to enjoy the hotel and it’s amazing restaurant…   So here you go, this is us playing around with some off camera flash, including a little bit of fun in the barbers Spa Room…  AMAZING…


Thanks again for everyone on board, this one concept shoot i’ll never forget..

Cake from Blissfully sweet you can see more of Jacki’s work HERE

Invitations from Pretty and print you can see more of Nic’s work HERE

Flowers from Floriart you can see more of Kris’s work HERE

Dresses from The Bare Faced Bride you can see more of Melanie’s shop HERE

Makeup from Minx Makeup and Tanning you can see more of Cathy’s work HERE

QT Hotel amazing so so amazing and you can see their hotel HERE

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