This year i really wanted to push myself and enter something a little bit different to what i usually would, i wanted to include a story of our infertility journey ..  so thrilled that the judges understood the story and gave it a score of 84.  A silver award….

If you knew my boys you would know that they hate and i mean HATE having their photos taken, they gave me 3 shots and then that was it..   i knew the photo wasn’t’ totally correct but i had to work with what i had as i didn’t want to push them just for a photo..

This bible is over 100 years old and i really wanted to incorporate it in the shot as well as the old sword that belongs to a friend of ours……It took quite a while of fiddling to get this looking how i wanted with finding the right font to use in photoshop after the image was shot..  To then incorporating the boys into the bible with making them looking like they are a part of the book and not just a new photo stuck on top..

i’m thrilled with the final product and so happy to have it have an award…

story 1024x682 Appa Silver Award   sutherland shire family photographer TindaleTNSW 01web 1024x682 Appa Silver Award   sutherland shire family photographer