There are times in your life when you feel exposed and vulnerable, especially when going thru counselling……I’ve had some issues over the years with the loss of my mother so young and then in later years with Infertility and IVF, and over the past few years i’ve been seeing a counsellor…… hard as it is to open up to someone and to allow things to be dealt with the pain and also being so vulnerable make it all worth it.


This image was to show the beauty of unlocking your heart, as hard as it is and as ugly as it can be there is beauty thru the process of the unlocking..  Working out how you tick and what makes you react the way you do … being open to change..  allowing God into parts of my heart that have been firmly locked over the years….


This image shows a piece of my heart, and i’m nervous to put it out there as it won’t be for everyone.   But i’m excited with how it has turned out..  finding the right size heart was fun, luckily i have a butcher mate who found a cows heart for me that was enormous..  Had to resize it to make it fit into my hand, the dress is also totally made in photoshop with composing several images over each other..  A huge thanks to this lovely lady for allowing me to play around with this shot at the end of her session, she was a trooper wandering into the bush stamping our feet making sure there were no brown snakes.. ewwww……anyway here it is, a piece of me……………

here is the original shot..

jess original 1 1024x1024 vulnerable   sutherland shire fashion photographer


after several flicks of the fabric shot from every which direction i then composited those skirts flicking photos to the below photo………. pretty happy with how it’s turned out..

storyboard 13 vulnerable   sutherland shire fashion photographer