pretty in pink

May 5, 2009

such a lovely session, i totally enjoyed this one, such a lovely location and such a delightful little girl.. with the biggest blue eyes.  This session was just so pretty, i think it would have to be my prettiest by far.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak.. tanya

chloe resize 1 of 12 pretty in pink
chloe resize 2 of 12 1023x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 3 of 12 1024x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 4 of 12 1024x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 5 of 11 1024x682 pretty in pink


Well a huge thanks to Lisa my blog is back, still need to do some updating on the older posts as they are still missing but with a bit of time and patience we can retrieve them so all is not lost..

Thanks lisa you have helped me so much in the past few days, i don’t know how you do this kind of stuff for a job, it seriously does my head in.. Stay tuned for a thankyou family shoot for these guys in a few weeks time..

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well hasn’t this been fun, thanks to my good friend lisa we have finally found my blog again, it has been missing in action since i changed my blog name. Plus in the process i have lost all of my posts, oh my what a lot to lose so i will have to go back one at a time and repost them..  so please hang in there while i try and sort out these hicups…

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yes our house is full of fun when it comes time to do some cooking, so much it’s  just a frenzy of eggs being smashed into the bowl, stirring and flicking of mix and then to top it off licking of the spoons.. i generally just sit back and try to stay clean, today i captured part of the mess that we often create.  They had chocolate smeared everywhere, in their hair, up their nose, everywhere… but they had fun and so did i.

hmmm chocolate 1 of 1 1024x682 did someone say chocolate???

hmmm chocolate 2 of 1 1024x682 did someone say chocolate???

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Often when i post my first sneak peak i haven’t had a chance to go thru all of the photos of that session, today i finished editing this session and i’ve found a few more of my fav shots, he is such a sweet thing, i still can’t get over those lips.. 

alexanders new family 40 of 1 1023x682 a 2nd sneak peak of master "a"

alexanders new family 39 of 1 682x1024 a 2nd sneak peak of master "a"

alexander 9 of 1 1024x682 a 2nd sneak peak of master "a"

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