Well i had the pleasure of doing this little ones 1st birthday shots, i previously did her 6 month shots and then for their mothers group a combined 1st birthday shoot..  She really does have the most incredible blue eyes that i have ever seen. Her parents told me that they get stopped every day at least a couple of times with people wanting to look and comment on her eyes.. I really have done nothing to the colour of her eyes they are this incredible in real life.. Hope you enjoy your shoot as much as i did, i was even puffed during this shoot, i need to do more exercise!


lila resize 7 of 1 682x1023 happy 1st birthday ...

lila resize 2 of 1 1024x682 happy 1st birthday ...

lila resize 3 of 1 1024x682 happy 1st birthday ...

lila resize 1 of 1 happy 1st birthday ...


pretty in pink

May 5, 2009

such a lovely session, i totally enjoyed this one, such a lovely location and such a delightful little girl.. with the biggest blue eyes.  This session was just so pretty, i think it would have to be my prettiest by far.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak.. tanya

chloe resize 1 of 12 pretty in pink
chloe resize 2 of 12 1023x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 3 of 12 1024x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 4 of 12 1024x682 pretty in pink

chloe resize 5 of 11 1024x682 pretty in pink


Well a huge thanks to Lisa my blog is back, still need to do some updating on the older posts as they are still missing but with a bit of time and patience we can retrieve them so all is not lost..

Thanks lisa you have helped me so much in the past few days, i don’t know how you do this kind of stuff for a job, it seriously does my head in.. Stay tuned for a thankyou family shoot for these guys in a few weeks time..

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well hasn’t this been fun, thanks to my good friend lisa we have finally found my blog again, it has been missing in action since i changed my blog name. Plus in the process i have lost all of my posts, oh my what a lot to lose so i will have to go back one at a time and repost them..  so please hang in there while i try and sort out these hicups…

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yes only after 2 weeks after cooperdog left us we have a new addition to the family.. little 8 week old jeddah who is also a german shorthair pointer.. not that i wanted to replace cooperdog but i was so upset after losing him that i just couldn’t live without a dog around the place.  


We picked up miss jeddah on the way back from holidays in yass, she sat on my lap for 3 hours and slept the whole way, she was better behaved than the boys who decided to fight all the way home.  Jeddah is settling in very well, hasn’t cried at all during the night, is enjoying playing with the boys toys and has even sat tonight and watched part of Toy story so life is grand for a little dog…  here is a sneak peak of our Jeddah.. Cooperdog you would have loved her..  having her around is a nice reminder of our time of you ….

jeddah 1 of 1 682x1024 presenting miss jeddah may tindale

jeddah 2 of 1 682x1024 presenting miss jeddah may tindale

jeddah 3 of 1 1024x682 presenting miss jeddah may tindale stay tuned for lots more sneak peaks at this one…

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