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I love watching families interact with each other, i love when parents are smitten with their little ones, a hug and a cuddle from their daddy or mummy melts my heart..  This was that kind of session..  The love for their daughter was overwhelming, she is a true joy to these two and i adored being a part of their morning..  Have a look below and see the tenderness that

If i was ever to describe what a beach aussie baby looked like it would be this little guy, he reminded me of a little cherub with those eyes and cubb......Such a sweet little guy in my studio and was an absolute delight to take photos of.. I can't wait to meet the rest of his family when i do their family session later in July..  Have a look at

Oh my... have a look at this little guys amazing lush lashes, he is simply divine and was full of funny little expressions today..  Once again my studio space is proving to be a fantastic spot when it's now day 6 of non stop rain for Sydney..  The light is incredible down there and i'm so enjoying the style of work that i can produce in it..  have a look

Love these eyes, love the blue of them and love them on this little guy.. Such a dude in his little jeans and his little hoodie..  I can see him as a active little boy when he gets older, he just has cheekiness all over his sweet little face... Thanks for coming to my studio last week, he was a delight to take photos of and i look forward to

Another little bubby for the studio and this one was almost due for her sleep so it was a very super quick mini session but long enough to get a few girly squeals out of her..  It's funny her brothers are twins and are the same age as my boys and i think she's noisier than both of them put together.. Such a character and such spunk for a little