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As a busy mum of twin 13 year olds i totally understand how quickly time can pass by and before you know it your kids have gone from little newborns to year 1 at school..Those first few years were such a hazy time and one of the most busiest and chaotic seasons of our lives..  The one thing i did know was that i wanted to document their changing lives as i didn’t have any photos of myself with my mother at all.. Not even one and she died when i was 11 years old..

I can’t tell you how sad that makes me feel, and i was determined for that not to happen with my boys..  Then my love for photography blossomed..  My husband of 21 years , Bruce was my biggest supporter and gave me plenty of gently shoves along the way.. He believed in me before i believed in myself..  Changing careers at 39 years of age was just a little bit overwhelming but boy  am i glad i made the jump..


I get to be a part of so many families lives and it energises me in a way that i can’t describe..  I get to be creative and passionate about what i love doing the most and that is what is so rewarding about my photography career..  I have a love for old and quirky things that i can include in your session, be it beautiful wraps for your newborn ..


I’d love to meet your family and if you’re a mamma for a while or only a new mamma you can call me on 0414 808 964 and i’d love to work out a time for your session.. or you can contact me HERE.


To  see some of my most recent work check out my Blog, HERE, it’s always updated with my lovely clients and their beautiful families and my own boys will feature as well from time to time..    Have a lovely day and i look forward to hearing from you.. Tanya


Thanks for looking and have a great day.



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