Clothing Choices

Choosing the correct clothes for your session is so important, it can totally make or break your session..  For families i would recommend no stripes, no whites, no logos .  You  don’t have to be totally co ordinated but lots of natural tones, or layers, or similar colours work well.    Don’t be afraid of bright colours either, they can look incredible in photos and really make your session unique to your own..  Steer clear of logos like Thomas, Hi 5  as they can date quite quickly as well as loud patterns on fabric.  Feel free to bring a few changes of clothes to change the look of your session, one of my favourite recent sessions was with a little one year old, her mummy brought along 3 changes of clothes and we were able to achieve totally different themes within the session without moving from the beach.   Have a look below, if you would like more suggestions just give me a call on 0414 808 964:


renae girls 4 Clothing Choices

craig and judy ext shoot 1 Clothing Choices

families low res 97 Clothing Choices

sonja family session 2 Clothing Choices

beach 2 web images 19 Clothing Choices

web images 52 Clothing Choices

lisa family 3 Clothing Choices


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